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1C:Enterprise First Step. Beginners Course

Your first step into the world of creating a wide variety of applications and systems


About This Course

This course is the introduction to the 1C: Enterprise platform and your first step into the world of creating a wide variety of applications and systems.

You will learn

  • The basic concepts of the 1C:Enterprise platform;
  • How to download and install the 1C:Enterprise training version;
  • Such core entities as infobase, metadata classes, metadata, and data objects;
  • The role of features related to such metadata classes as catalogs; documents, and registers;
  • How to create your own report.

And finally, you will create your first 1C:Enterprise application.


  • Understanding of basic concepts and principles of programming
  • Some experience with any other programming language or framework
  • Understanding the basics of relational databases

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Course Author

Anton Shvyikovsky

Anton Shvyikovsky

I started creating computational algorithms for numerical experiments back in the days when I was a student at Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

My teaching career started even before I became a developer. At the age of 19, I took a part-time job as a teacher at pre-university courses.

I have spent more than two years creating software and content for online educational platforms by foreign publishers, including Pearson, Macmillan, and others.

Since joining the 1C company in 2019, I have created developer training courses on the 1C:Enterprise platform. I took part in the University Skills competition in Russia as 1C:Enterprise platform expert and currently coach students for international contests as part of the 1C Skills Camp.